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Providing reliable and secure solutions.

Hardware installation

Major Key Locksmith offers multiple ways to help you secure your property or business. We offer access control, intercom systems, electric strikes, and magnetic locks.

The primary choice for a business is electric strike locks (door strike) and magnetic locks (maglocks.) Electric locks are installed inside the door frame. Electricity controls a small motor within the electric strike. When triggered, this motor releases the metal piece holding the door in place. Only when the door has received the electric trigger will it allow movement and become operational.

A mag lock or magnetic lock consists of an electromagnet and armature plate to ensure the safety of one's property. These types of security systems are not capable of being tampered with, so there are no worries about having unauthorized people get into your property. 

Major Key Locksmith | Commercial Property Locksmith

Commercial Projects

Major Key Locksmith provides reliable and secure solutions to commercial locksmith projects throughout North Jersey. Our team of highly qualified experts are dedicated to offering the highest quality services in the industry, ensuring quick response times and complete customer satisfaction.

We specialize in large scale commercial projects, providing innovative security solutions tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Maitenance Packages

Every business owner knows they can’t comprise when it comes to security. Locks are a crucial way to keep your business secured. Lock or door repairs can be very stressful, let one of our professional commercial locksmith technicians help you and get you back to business.

When something goes wrong a Major key locksmith is ready to advise you in a fast efficient way to get you back on track! 

Large Scale Lock Replacements

Major Key Locksmiths have the professional experience to run large-scale lock replacements, master keying your business, or installation of multiple hardware. All our projects come with a deadline and a plan of execution. We make sure that every business owner is knowledgeable of what the work intakes and what is being done in the time frame. Call us today to get a quote and let’s partner up to help you secure your business!

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